Morocco is known for its hammams, where we can enjoy all its benefits in a relaxing environment that combines sauna and spa.

Moroccan Bath


relaxing in Our Spa

The whole process is extremely invigorating, in addition to toning and firming your skin, it lets you a feeling of being fresher than ever. To make the most of your hammam session, you must allow yourself several "privilege" hours where calm and relaxation is at the rendezvous.

The ritual starts in a steam room with a head to toe application of traditional Moroccan black soap to prepare the skin for exfoliation. Moroccan black soap has the texture of butter as it is obtained from a mixture of oil and crushed black olives; it is also rich in Vitamin E.

Thanks to its exfoliating and moisturizing properties, it softens and nourishes the skin. Following the application of black soap, the body is rinsed thoroughly with the water and then the exfoliation procedure starts with special gloves called loofah.

relaxing & Pamper in Our Spa

While scrubbing with the loofah, dead skin and dirt are removed from the body. Lavish shower and application of moisturizer to the body to perfectly finish the Ritual. Hammam is an incredibly efficient ritual of purification, once toxins are removed, the body breathes.


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    Best Massage

    I honestly think this might have been the best massage Ive ever had! SO relaxing & exactly what I needed.

    Jessica Anba
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    Reasonable prices. Dedicated workers. Very attentive and helpful staff. Thanks alot I had the greatest session

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    Luxury Massage

    A very calm and relaxing environment - I think I could have fallen asleep! I had the greatest session .